The other day as I was on the bus heading to work, I noticed a relatively young man walking down the street with a noticeable limp. It definitely didn’t look like a chronic issue considering that he was in considerable pain and looked like he had never experienced that sort of pain before.

Although I have no idea what he was dealing with, I right then and there said a small prayer to God praying for that man’s health. I wanted him to not only be able to manage the pain, but to be healed from that pain eventually, whatever he was ultimately ailing from. Surprisingly, it felt really good to give a prayer to a man that I may never meet in my life, but ultimately was in need of a blessing from God.

Too often in our lives, we only pray about things that are affecting us in our own lives, or the lives of people we love and care about. However, God loves all of us, regardless of whether or not each individual is a person of faith. We should therefore pray for anyone we see who may currently be in need of God’s blessings in their lives.

Nowadays, I make it a habit to pray for people that I feel may be in need of God’s blessings, no matter what. It will either be right then and there when I witness the person suffering, assuming I have the time to pray right at that instance, or I will instead make a mental note and put them in my prayer in the evening before I go to bed. Either way, they are sure to receive a prayer from me for God to bless them in whatever troubles they may be experiencing in their lives, even if they are just strangers to me.

Also note that when we pray for strangers, we are not only asking God to bless them first and foremost, but we are also becoming closer to God as well. In a way, by praying for strangers in addition to for ourselves and for our loved ones, we are spending more time with God, which is what God ultimately wants.

So if you needed even more reason to pray for strangers, keep in mind that doing so brings you closer to God by leaving you talking to him longer. Take advantage of the opportunity by just thinking about everything you experienced that day and pray for anyone that you may have come across that may need a blessing from God.