October 2012

What Saints Sound Like

What Saints Sound

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“I ask for your prayers for our son and for our family. This is not a path we would have chosen, yet it is our path,...

What Haunts Me About Halloween

What Haunts Me Abo

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Halloween conjures up childhood memories of Grandma’s homemade popcorn balls, plastic masks that never lined up with the...

Holydays of Obligation: Liberation from the Oppression of Secular Time

Holydays of Obliga...

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Catholics measure time – or should do so – differently from the way the rest of the world does.  Rather than marking time by...

A Virtual Pilgrimage to Rome

A Virtual Pilgrima

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Editor's Note:  One of the recommended activities for this Year of Faith is to take a pilgrimage, especially to the Holy...

What do you want me to do for you?

What do you want m

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Imagine for a moment that you had the power to heal people. If you had that power maybe you would go immediately to the nearest...

Vatican II and the Catechism

Vatican II and the

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Fifty years ago, Blessed John XXIII opened the Second Vatican Council.  Full of hope and faith, on that day, October 11, 1962,...

I Believe in God the Father Almighty

I Believe in God t

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The Father revealed by the Son  238      Many religions invoke God as “Father.” The deity is often considered the...

A Different Way of Celebrating Halloween

A Different Way of

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Editor's Note:  In preparation for next week's Halloween celebrations, we asked a dear and faithful woman from our own...

New American Saints!

New American Saint

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This past Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI canonized 7 new Saints of the Church! And two of them lived and worked here in America: St....

I Believe in One God

I Believe in One G

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Each Sunday we begin the Profession of Faith with a simple statement, “I Believe in One God.”  Let’s spend a...

A Modern Missionary

A Modern Missionar

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Editor's Note: Today is World Missionary Sunday! To celebrate, we have asked a young missionary to write about her mission...

True Service Involves Suffering

True Service Invol

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In tomorrow's Gospel, the disciples, James and John, ask a pretty bold thing of Jesus. Basically, “Lord, give us what we...

The North American Martyrs

The North American

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We're excited to announce that the My Year of Faith app is now available for both iOS and Android.  Download from iTunes...

The Door of Faith

The Door of Faith

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Breaking News!  The iOS App is now available on iTunes.  Click here to download!   Editor's Note:  This year, we...

Praying the Angelus with the Pope

Praying the Angelu

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One of many people's first questions when coming to Rome is always, “So how can I see the Pope?” Usually, unless one is...

3 Steps for Your Spiritual Life

3 Steps for Your S

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When we hear Jesus tell Martha that Mary has chosen “the better part” we sometimes conclude that Jesus is telling us...

Faith & Music: Fishers of Men

Faith & Music

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Listen to “Fishers of Men” by Popple Your browser does not support the audio tag. Giddy...

God Loved Us First

God Loved Us First

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The protagonist of a story is the main character around whom all the action centers.  The protagonist of The Lord of the Rings...

Don’t Be Possessed by Your Possessions

Don’t Be Pos

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Editor’s Note:  The App for Android is available for download!  Check it out here.  Coming soon for iOS, we’ll...

The Creed & YouTube

The Creed & Y

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About a month ago, after mass, I was talking to my brother-in-law and he said simply, “You can tell the spiritual...

Welcome to the Year of Faith

Welcome to the Yea

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Editor's Note: Welcome to My Year of Faith!  Each day you’ll find a new post to help you grow in faith and...