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About a month ago, after mass, I was talking to my brother-in-law and he said simply, “You can tell the spiritual strength of a parish by the way they say the creed.” That got me thinking.  As you may know Pope Benedict has claimed this year as the “Year of Faith.” Now I’m not one to question the Pope, but Benny… that’s quite the claim. Now I would think we could start with a Day of Faith, or even the Thirty Seconds of Faith, but a whole year? If faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, the entirety of the over 1 billion laity, priests, and religious of the Catholic Church reflecting on faith for a year is going to suck the cosmos inside out faster than if it flipped over a swingset.

But then again, maybe B16 is on to something. Maybe, just maybe, that is exactly what we need right now. We can find plenty wrong with our world, but as Paul put it “Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more,” and I’ll tell you, grace is abounding. Grace is abounding in growing churches and communities, in organizations helping the helpless, and in hearts of a new generation of Saints called to a radical life of faith. As Catholics, we have the benefit of the wisdom of the Church, which has laid out the core Christian beliefs in our creed. Yeah, that prayer that I stumble over at Mass, and still say, “one in being” instead of “consubstantial” after a whole year of change. That prayer, is one worth praying, one worth learning, one worth changing every aspect of our lives in order to be able to mean those words when they come out of our mouths next Sunday.

In collaboration with a few Catholic colleagues and friends, I had the opportunity to make this little short film on this very topic. Laboring over this piece gave me the opportunity to reflect on these words and let them ring true in my heart. I pray that this video may lead you closer as well to Christ and the gift he has given us in His Church.

Cory Heimann

About Cory Heimann

Cory Heimann is the founder of Likable Art, a design and video production studio that strives to point to someone greater through beautiful media. Cory has recently moved to the Fort Wayne/South Bend diocese where he lives with his beautiful wife and his child that has yet to exit his mother's womb.