Mr. Potato Head Theology

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I have a cartoon brain, and so whenever I've read this passage from First Corinthians, this is what has always come to mind. Doesn't it for everyone?

My favorite part about this reading is the sheer absurdity that St. Paul presents. Yet, as childlike, and as obvious as the message is, living it out is very much a struggle. We see the gifts that others possess, and we want them. We see the lives that others live and we desire it for ourselves.

I hope that every time you hear this reading now, you’ll remember this video, and actually listen to what it’s saying. Far too often we can snooze through Mass and not remember a single reading. Jesus, the living word of God, has something different to say to us every time we read or hear scripture. I hope this video will help unlock the simple wisdom this reading has.  God has crafted each one of us exactly as He envisioned; don’t be afraid of what He is calling you to. What an adventure He has planned for you!

Nate’s Note: Shout out to my friend Seth Boyden, who helped me to render what I envisioned with some claymation. He is currently studying art in California and hopes to work for Pixar someday.

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