May 2013

Giving Ourselves

Giving Ourselves

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Mary was in the early days of pregnancy when she made the long journey to visit her cousin Elizabeth. Was her trip punctuated...

Taken, Blessed, Broken and Shared

Taken, Blessed, Br

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This week, we bring you another Beyond Words reflection on Sunday's upcoming readings from the Bible Geek (aka Mark...

Spiritual Motherhood: A Total, Faithful, Fruitful Yes!

Spiritual Motherho

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Even before a little girl is old enough to walk, she is given a baby doll. She cuddles, dresses and feeds the doll–it is...

Virgin Most Hopeful

Virgin Most Hopefu

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“And behold!  God's Temple in Heaven was opened, and within His Temple could be seen the Ark of the Covenant…  A...

Pausing to Honor

Pausing to Honor

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Ah, Memorial Day.  Most of us look forward to this “unofficial” start to summer.  A long weekend filled with relaxation,...

A Community of Love

A Community of Lov

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Deus Caritas Est  (God Is Love),  an encyclical letter of Pope Benedict XVI to the Bishops, Priests and Deacons, Men and Women...

A Communion of Persons

A Communion of Per

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My dad loves to golf, and if you ask him how his round of golf went, he knows every single shot from memory.  After a great...

Sons of St. Philip Neri

Sons of St. Philip

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St. Philip Neri (1515-1595), known as the Apostle of Rome, moved to Rome from Florence as a young man, spending much time in...

Strange Notions

Strange Notions

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  “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.”  These words of St....

Alcohol and My Heritage

Alcohol and My Her

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My wife and I first got the idea of making homemade wine when my grandmother offered us some of her home vintage.  It was...

Feeling Something Different

Feeling Something

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Editor's Note:  Today we welcome Angel as our guest author.  Angel is a young man from St. Patrick's Catholic Church...

Receiving the Spiritual Seal

Receiving the Spir

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1286    In the Old Testament the prophets announced that the Spirit of the Lord would rest on the hoped-for Messiah for his...

The Work of the Spirit

The Work of the Sp

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Pentecost ranks as one of the most important feasts in the Liturgical year.  Why, you ask?  It commemorates the decent of the...

Fanning the Flames

Fanning the Flames

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We celebrate this great feast of Pentecost when the Lord fulfilled His promise to send the Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit,...

Fun, Creative and Catholic Graduation Gift Ideas

Fun, Creative and

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We are already in the midst of graduation season.  Many college students have already received their diplomas and high school...

Celebrating the Invisible through the Visible:  Pentecost

Celebrating the In

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As we count down the days to Pentecost on May 19, you may feel faced with a challenge:  how do I make this birthday of our...

Blessed Are the Barren

Blessed Are the Ba

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Editor's Note:  Today we welcome Theresa as our guest author.  Theresa is a young woman who offered to share with us her...

Honoring the Mother of God

Honoring the Mothe

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Devotion to the Blessed Virgin  971   “All generations will call me blessed”: “The Church’s devotion to the...

Crowning Mary

Crowning Mary

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As you know, May is known as the month of Mary.  One common celebration during this month is the May Crowning, in which a crown...

A Mother’s Day Prayer

A Mother’s D

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Join us in praying asking Mary, Jesus' mother and ours, to intercede for all mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, spiritual...

So That We Can Follow

So That We Can Fol

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As our Easter celebration draws to a conclusion, we celebrate our Lord’s glorious Ascension into heaven. What a wonderful...

Joy of Christ’s Ascension

Joy of Christ̵

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Joyfully, we have been celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus for the past six weeks. As we approach a return to Ordinary Time...

What Kind of Disciples Are We?

What Kind of Disci

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“So Jesus just leaves us?”…is what I remember feeling in my youth upon my first heartfelt reading of the Ascension....

Scriptural Roots of the Rosary

Scriptural Roots o

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Catholics sometimes struggle to read the Bible.  Mary can teach us how to read Scripture.  How?  As Saint Luke says, she...

Summer Fashions:  The Attack on True Beauty

Summer Fashions:

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As summer approaches, the clothes of winter are put away and the light, airy clothes of summer are put on. The hotter it gets,...