Courageous Choices for Life

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Founded by theologian Dr. Janet E. Smith, Women's Care Center has been a vehicle for many of us in the mid-West to put our Catholic pro-life values into action in an unconditionally loving way.   Every day, young women come to Women's Care Center in situations that to them seem impossible.  Every single day!   Some can’t afford a baby, some are too young, some are alone, some are influenced by “well-meaning” parents and friends, some have to finish school, some are too scared, some are too sick.  Most are uneasy with the idea of abortion but they just don’t see another way out.

Thanks to generous Catholic supporters and the graces of the Holy Spirit, Women’s Care Center has been a beacon of hope, support and comfort to these abortion vulnerable women.  We love and support them.  And very basically walk with them.  Because of the support and because of the love, almost all make courageous choices for life.  Over 97% of those who receive counseling and an ultrasound at Women’s Care Center choose life for their babies.

A.J.’s young mother, Kathleen, thought she would have to have an abortion.  In her early 20’s, Kathleen had run off to the Virgin Islands after falling in love with a chef.  When she got pregnant, she came home scared and troubled.  She was also worried that her party lifestyle had already hurt her baby.  However, after counseling and an ultrasound where she saw her baby kicking and heard his beating heart, Kathleen chose life for A.J. Kathleen then went back to college and met the true love of her life.  She is now married and her husband has been a great father to A.J.

Kathleen is just one of the scared young women that our Catholic community has embraced and helped to choose life through the work of Women’s Care Center.  One at a time… 348 times a day… women come through our doors and are met with love and support along the path of life.  This has translated into massive abortion declines.  In Fort Wayne, IN, for example, abortions have declined by 66% since the opening of the Women’s Care Center next to the abortion clinic there in 2004.  In 2014, with God’s grace, we hope to open our 23rd care center next door to the largest abortion clinic in Indiana (in Indianapolis on 86th and Georgetown).  When women are loved and supported in a truly Catholic way, and not judged, a choice for life just becomes a natural one.

Ann Manion

About Ann Manion

Ann Manion is President of Women’s Care Center, a Catholic pregnancy center founded in South Bend, IN. With 22 centers in 7 states, the center is now the largest pregnancy resource center in America serving more women in more locations than any other (25,000 women annually).