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Editor's Note: Today is Part 2 of our feature of the work of the Women's Care Center.  Click here to read Part 1.  


You may wonder why Women's Care Center is able to serve so many abortion vulnerable women, with 97% choosing life for their babies.  When I think about it, it really is a simple formula: women are just loved, without judgment, in a truly Catholic way.  One of our long-time counselors recently said, “A woman considering abortion needs someone to sit with her, not rush her, and truly help her.”  When women leave our centers, they go right back into the situations that sent them to the abortion clinic in the first place.  Recently, we had a woman at our Plymouth, IN center that had already set, and subsequently cancelled, three abortion appointments.  Only now, after a lot of counseling, is she finally finding the confidence to choose life for her baby.

For the vast majority of women we serve, choosing life is a process.  It doesn’t happen in an instant.  It involves continued counseling, problem-solving, mentoring, education and encouragement.  This is why our programs to support pregnant women beyond the “decision for life” are so important.  Because of generous Catholic donors (we are 100% supported by private donations), Women’s Care Center offers prenatal education and parenting skills classes.  We also have a goal program, where young women work towards goals of their own choosing (things like finishing their education and obtaining job skills).

All of this education is supported by the Crib Club which provides cribs, diapers, new baby clothing etc. as incentives in a store setting.  Not a hand-out, Crib Club is truly a hand-up, empowering young women and their families.

Women’s Care Center and those who support it believe that being pro-life means service that is continuous for months and years, for as long as is needed for each individual woman.  And this is deeply rooted in our Catholic faith.  This is why in South Bend, IN, we now serve half the pregnant women in the county.

Kloe’s parents were helped for years after birth as they learned parenting skills and became self-sufficient.  In goal counseling, the couple learned to budget and saved to get out of their tiny apartment.  Today, they are happily married and own their own place.  Their next goal is for Kloe’s mom to be able to stay home with Kloe and her new baby sister.

We are grateful to those who support this vitally important Catholic work.

Ann Manion

About Ann Manion

Ann Manion is President of Women’s Care Center, a Catholic pregnancy center founded in South Bend, IN. With 22 centers in 7 states, the center is now the largest pregnancy resource center in America serving more women in more locations than any other (25,000 women annually).