Year of Change, Year of Faith

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Editor's Note:  During the month of November, as the Year of Faith draws to a close, we will be celebrating all the fruits of this year.  Each day we will feature a short reflection from Catholics all over the country and world, sharing what God has done.  If you want to share your own fruits with us, email us a short reflection (no more than 500 words, please) to  We’d love to hear how God has blessed you and deepened your faith this year!

This has been a big year for me, probably the biggest one of my life.  In one year I moved to a new city, got married, changed jobs and had a baby.  And change freaks me out more than a little.  I had to settle into a new place and make new friends and learn to shop at a new grocery store.  There were all the challenges of the first year of marriage, learning to live in the same house and make one life out of two, and then one life out of three!  And transitioning to a new job that involves making lots of changes and building new programs…well, it’s been a lot!

Sometimes I feel as if the Year of Faith was a gift especially for me, like God knew with all the changes I’d encounter this year and my natural inclination to resist many of them, I’d need to be more rooted than ever in the faith.  I’d need to be more closely connected to Him through prayer and be renewed in the faith that I love.

The Year of Faith helped me to be rooted in those things so that this year full of change would also be one of incredible grace and growth.  By praying the Creed often and reading a series of reflections on each of its statements, I have felt more connected to my baptismal promises than ever before and I am more aware of how I am living out that baptism through my vocation as a wife and mother.  The Year of Faith has also challenged me to go to Confession more frequently – in fact one of the posts that appeared here, by Fr. Aaron Pidel on making a good confession has completely changed the way I approach the sacrament.

The best fruit, though, of this Year of Faith has been that it has reminded me of how closely united we all are in the Church, as brothers and sisters all around the globe have been using this same time to deepen their faith.  I feel more closely connected to Catholics everywhere and the reality of the common faith and destiny we share.  It makes me long for heaven.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the gift of this incredible faith, and Holy Father Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for giving us the gift of a whole year celebrating that Faith.

-M. Suzanne, Indiana