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Editor's Note: During the month of November, as the Year of Faith draws to a close, we will be celebrating all the fruits of this year. Each day we will feature a short reflection from Catholics all over the country and world, sharing what God has done. If you want to share your own fruits with us, email us a short reflection (no more than 500 words, please) to We'd love to hear how God has blessed you and deepened your faith this year!

I am blessed.  While this is always true, I don’t always feel it.  This popped into my head after looking at a photo with my Dad.  It was a photo of me after my confirmation with the Bishop, but no parents in sight.  That is because they were not at my confirmation.  We can tease about this, and how they went to all of my siblings’ confirmations, but not mine, however the truth of the matter is that they missed it because my Mom had to take my Dad to the ER that night.  And that was just the start, as my Dad became so sick he almost died.  Looking at this picture just showed me how blessed I am to still have my Dad in my life.  I could have had many more pictures without my Dad beside me at special occasions, but by God’s grace it has not been the case.  Instead I have many pictures and memories of my Dad always being there for me when I need him.  How often do we take for granted the people that are always with us?  If the presence of my Dad in my life makes me feel so blessed, how much more should I and all of us feel with the knowledge that God is always by our side, and not even death can take Him from us.  Take a moment to reflect on all of the blessings in your life, especially in this month of Thanksgiving.


- Teresa Trout, Fort Wayne, IN