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As Catholic schoolteacher, there were lots of opportunities during the Year of Faith to deepen my own faith and to help my students to deepen their understanding and love of our Catholic faith.

I often shared the daily post from My Year of Faith with my classes and sometimes made note of them to incorporate later in the year when the topic aligned with our curriculum, especially the posts dealing with the moral issues, like the post on infertility and the post on alcohol.

One of the articles I most appreciated was Steve Gershom’s “Hearts of Flesh” post.  It can be difficult to help teens understand and accept the Church’s teaching on homosexuality, and Steve’s post offered them a perspective they don’t often hear.  There were many other posts I shared in my classroom to help catechize my students, too.  It was good to expose them to some really great Catholic authors and for them to hear from other Catholics who are passionate about the Church – not just their teacher.

At home, my wife and I joined with other Catholics around our diocese in praying the Creed more frequently.  We used an app to help remind us each morning when we woke up to start our day praying the Creed together.  It gave us an even deeper appreciation for the Creed recited during Mass.  And we gathered with friends to read and study the writings of Pope John Paul II.

During this Year of Faith I’ve noticed more Catholics reading and discussing the Catechism or other Catholic books, and attending faith formation programs at the parish.  And I’ve seen more and more good articles being posted on Facebook and Twitter, especially about Pope Francis.   I know that we will continue to see the fruits of this –prayer, study and sharing – and in abundance.


- J. A. Adam