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Tomorrow the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Christ the King and the closing of the Year of Faith.  Pope Francis will celebrate a special Mass at St. Peter's Basilica, to which he has invited catechumens and candidates from around the world.  What a beautiful way to draw this celebration of faith to a close – by welcoming those who have chosen to embrace this faith and reminding us all that we accompany them in the journey.

It has been an immense pleasure to share this journey with you these past 410 days.  Together we have explored the Creed, the gift of the Sacraments, the beauty of the Church’s moral teaching, and the incredible treasury of Christian prayer.  We have met many brothers and sisters in Christ who have shared their faith and helped us to come to a deeper appreciation of the truth we proclaim.  And we have made new friends in this task of the New Evangelization – each and every one of you.

We pray that you have been blessed by this year and that you are enjoying a deeper, richer faith in Jesus Christ.

Friends, let us take the fruits of this Year of Faith and spread the Good News to every corner of the earth.

“The treasure of faith is not for personal use.  It is to be given, to be spread, and thus it will grow.  Make known the name of Jesus.” 
- Pope Francis


We must offer our heartfelt thanks to all the authors, bloggers, speakers and artists who made My Year of Faith possible:  Thank you for sharing your faith with us.  Thank you to Nate Proulx and Mike Kelly for your beautiful photography and to Little i Apps for your vision.  And thank you to Our Sunday Visitor for your generosity and support of this initiative – may God continue to bless your work.