Bishop Kevin Rhoades

Christ Our King

Christ Our King

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Today, the Solemnity of Christ the King, marks the end of the special Year of Faith.  How appropriate this is since, in the...

Faith Lived in Hope

Faith Lived in Hop

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Christian hope is rooted in our faith in Christ.  The virtue of hope is often represented in art as an anchor.  This is...

Faith Lived in Love

Faith Lived in Lov

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In its essence, faith involves a discovery of God's love.  It is God's love that saves and calls us to new life.  Our...

Faith of the Martyrs

Faith of the Marty

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The blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christians. These words come from the first centuries of Christianity.  The death of...

The Gift of Liberty

The Gift of Libert

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At the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 8th, 1776, the Liberty Bell was rung, fulfilling the...

Faith in the Holy Eucharist

Faith in the Holy

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At every Mass, after the words of consecration, the priest says or sings the words: The mystery of faith!  The bread and wine...

Mary Is Our Pillar of Faith

Mary Is Our Pillar

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In the month of May, we honor the Blessed Virgin Mary in a special way.  In this Year of Faith, it is good to look to her as a...

Truly and Radically New

Truly and Radicall

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At Easter, we celebrate that something truly and radically new has happened in human history, something that changes the state...

The Faith of Saint Joseph

The Faith of Saint

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During this Year of Faith, Saint Joseph, the patron of the universal Church, is a wonderful model and intercessor for us. ...

Faith and Conversion

Faith and Conversi

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Pope Benedict has described this Year of Faith as “a summons to an authentic and renewed conversion to the Lord, the one...

The Mystery of the Incarnation

The Mystery of the

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The Incarnation was something beyond any human expectation.  When we read the Old Testament today, we see so much that refers to...

The Faith of the Saints

The Faith of the S

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The saints teach us to look upon reality with the eyes of faith.  They were faith-filled men, women, and children with...

Vatican II and the Catechism

Vatican II and the

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Fifty years ago, Blessed John XXIII opened the Second Vatican Council.  Full of hope and faith, on that day, October 11, 1962,...

Welcome to the Year of Faith

Welcome to the Yea

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Editor's Note: Welcome to My Year of Faith!  Each day you’ll find a new post to help you grow in faith and...