The Christian Life

Catholic All Stars

Catholic All Stars

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When I first encountered Christ in college, my heart was set on fire for evangelization. I think it is typical after your initial...

The Key to Catholic Identity

The Key to Catholi

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What does it mean to be Catholic? Being Catholic can means many things; rooting for Notre Dame, coming from a large family, going...

To Moses Emmanuel, As You Are Baptized

To Moses Emmanuel,

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I'm writing you this note on your baptismal day, Moses. Someday, your mom and dad can read it to you; in time, you'll...

Arise O Sleeper

Arise O Sleeper

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My first year out of college, I worked at a residential treatment facility for at-risk teenage girls in Wyoming.  The...

The Difficult Choice

The Difficult Choi

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It was just two weeks after the birth of my ninth baby, and days after my youngest brother’s death in a car accident.  I...

The Greatest Choice of Our Lives

The Greatest Choic

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We are born; we live; we die.  Is that it?  What a sad, worthless existence that would be!  For most people there seems to...

The Problem of Suffering

The Problem of Suf

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Suffering is, and probably should be, the most serious difficulty we face in our faith.  By saying “should be,” I...

A Calling to Be Answered

A Calling to Be An

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Today, and every day, we have the chance to remember how great it is to be Catholic, and to have the opportunity to spread the...

Becoming a Better Catholic

Becoming a Better

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Unsolicited question from a local Catholic high school student: How do you help kids become better Catholics? What do you do...

Take Time to Rest

Take Time to Rest

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The inability to rest is a sin. What? Well, remember the deadly sin of sloth? There is an opposite side to it that does not...

What We Do, Who We Are

What We Do, Who We

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Editor's Note: We welcome Mark Latkovic back to the blog.  Yesterday, he discussed the formation of our conscience.  In...

Forming Our Conscience

Forming Our Consci

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What Conscience Is and Is Not The Anglican moral theologian, Oliver O’Donovan observes that contemporary accounts of...

Freedom to Live Our Faith in the Public Square

Freedom to Live Ou

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Each time I go to church to praise and worship the Lord with my fellow Catholics, I enjoy a freedom denied so many other...

Alcohol and My Heritage

Alcohol and My Her

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My wife and I first got the idea of making homemade wine when my grandmother offered us some of her home vintage.  It was...