I am an avid violin player. I started playing back in elementary school and have played in organized orchestras all the way through my college years. And I was pretty darn good if I do say so myself (which had better have been the case, considering how many years I had dedicated myself to the violin).

I still play the violin from time to time, although mostly in a smaller chamber music setting (typically as part of a string quartet), playing with some friends and family members mostly for fun, although we do sometimes play for weddings and other events. And often times we get compliments from our audience at such events for our talents. However, rather than put all the praise upon myself, I make sure I keep in mind that my talents are all for and quite frankly only for glorifying God.

I know that I would not be as good of a violin player as I am without God’s blessings. I may have been the one practicing all of those long hours to get good at it, but it is God who gave me the willpower to spend all those long hours practicing and getting better at the violin. When I succeed, it is because God gave me the ability to succeed, which is why any praise and glory should go to God rather than me.

And although we are just talking about talents and special gifts that we may have, it ultimately comes down to the fact that everything we do is because of God. We wouldn’t be alive without Him, and we wouldn’t have all of the many blessings in life without His holy presence, which is why he is the one who deserves the praise and glory.

So when we do good things and achieve great feats, it is all because of God. We cannot and should not take any credit for being the messengers of God. Rather, we should just be thankful for God’s blessings in our lives and be thankful that we are being great and humble servants for our Lord and Savior.

No matter what sort of special talents you have in your life, keep in perspective how you have attained those talents and who is ultimately responsible for them. Always make sure that you praise God for when your talents take you to great heights and glorify His name for all of the world to know how truly awesome God is.