When I was younger, I used to always go to mass with my grandmother, who was quite religious throughout her entire life. Although I was barely able to remember anything at these masses, I distinctly remember my grandmother singing passionately along with the choir when the various songs came up. She was completely at joy when she was singing and praising God’s name.

When my grandmother passed, I hadn’t gone to mass for many years afterwards. It was only after meeting my girlfriend who was also fairly religious had I begun going to mass yet again. And while the mass itself was more or less the same in terms of the various aspects of it, the effect it had on me was entirely different.

Yes, I loved singing and praising God’s name with the choir, just like my grandmother had. But I noticed more importance in what the preacher actually had to say with regards to each week’s Bible scripture. Maybe it was because I was younger at the time and didn’t really pay attention to the preacher when he talked back then, but now, when he speaks, I am moved by his words.

This is primarily because I know that he is teaching about the word of God. I want to please God in everything I do, and so listening to His words every week at mass through the voice of the preacher and practicing what He teaches me is such an important aspect of mass. In fact, it is the most important aspect, because what are we doing going to mass if not to listen to the word of God?

Mass also has a great way of bringing people together. When I go to mass, I may not know the people around me in the pews personally, but I know that they believe in the same one true God that I do, and that they are there to listen to His teachings as well. That sense of community is also quite valuable, as it gives me the feeling of belonging, which only motivates me to go to mass even more.

Mass is a significant part of anyone who truly believes in God. And although the singing and praising his name, along with the sense of community are all important aspects, neither are as important as simply listening to God’s teachings, so that you can go out and use what you’ve learned in your everyday lives to live a life that He will be proud of.